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Kenya killings and the mediocre of international media

The killings of 150 students of Garissa university does not come to me as a surprise looking at the participation of Kenyan troops in the fight against Alshabab in Somalia. What surprises me more was the mediocre of international media companies over reports of the killings, especially the low profile the story was giving just like the Bama or the …

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Charlie Habdo attack: The need for a global law against blasphemy

It was last week that about 12 people were assassinated in Paris in broad day light and the attackers went away from a satirical newspaper ‘Charlie Habdo. A popular satirical newspaper “Charlie Habdo” was attacked after ridiculing a lot of religions and religious leaders of various religions excluding Judaism. Charlie Habdo was just a local newspaper looking for publicity through …

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Mass exams failure:reasons and ways to tackle it in Nigeria

A lot of mass failures in various examination are now been recorded yearly. The recent 2014 WAEC results have shown that over 68 percent of the 1.6 million candidates have failed either Mathematics or English – which are prerequisite for getting admission into any tertiary institution in Nigeria as against 65 and 60 in 2013 and 2012 respectively. Only about …

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Bring back our Hijab

It was a sad development when I first heard that Gov. Fashola of Lagos state has banned wearing of Hijab (islamic vail) in all schools of the state. Been a lawyer and a politician, Fashola is undoubtedly aware of right to religion and personal life. If islamic groups that advocate for Islamic states through arms struggle are leveled extremist then …

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Effect of deforestation and desert encroachment to agricultural development in Nigeria

Effect of deforestation and desert encroachment to agricultural development in Nigeria by Comrade Abdulbaqi Aliyu Jari According to Wikipedia, deforestation is the process where is cut down without a simultaneous re planting for economic and social reasons. Nigeria is home to 1417 known species of fauna and at least 4715 species of vascular plants according to figures from the World …

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Remembering flight ADC 53

By the end this month 29 october exactly, it will mark 8 years since the unfortunate air crash of ADC flight 53 that killed 97 people including the then Sultan of Sokoto Muhammad Macido. The plane was said to have left Abuja around 11:30pm destined to Sokoto but never make it there. The plane was carrying 105 including the Sultan, …

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