For the avoidance of any doubt, my name is Titilayo Olaleye (Mrs) (nee Adebowale, the eldest daughter of Assiciate Professor of Literature, Bayo Adebowale.
Yes, I am the eldest daughter of the great man, a wonderful father, a great family man respected and adored by millions of people across the world for his contributions to scholarship, literature and the good of humanity.
Let me also quickly state that I am also a successful wife to MY OWN husband, to whom I am happily married and with whom I happily live with our loving children. 

I need to emphasize these facts because of the blasphemy some people have been saying about my father, Associate Professor Bayo Adebowale. They said one accursed man raped all his daughters. To the greatest surprise of my siblings and other members of the family, the wicked people, who want to incur the wrath of God Almighty, linked this to my own father, especially on social media. 

This has terribly saddened us, his children, because the allegation is false, callous and unspeakably debasing. Well, on the issue on the internet. I mean the false accusations to the father of all fathers, Our loving Dad, Our adorable Dad, a man of honour and integrity, Our Excellent Dad, Our Precious Dad, My able Dad, This man you are insulting is so dear to me and to all of us his children. Anybody who smears his name and reputation will see the other side of us.

The man you are accusing is my father. I’m his eldest child and therefore qualified to speak on behalf of the other children. In fact, I can confidently say that I am closer to him than any other child. I know my father more than anyone. He confides in me on all he does and he is never a kind of person who will contemplate an unholy and ruinous relationship with his children.
I was busy in the hospital taking care of him when this rumour was being peddled on Facebook, that was why my reply came late. I affirm to the public that we are all happily married. Our lawyers have swung into action on this rape accusation and soups soon get to the likes of Sahara and Femi Gorman and the bastard child they alleged could be involved.
Because they have declared war on our family, this is the beginning of the WAR.

About Mary Osaze

Mary Osaze is a highly acclaimed talent in picture books. She graduated from the University of Benin in 2009 and has since been working in the media industry. Although she lives in the UK in reality, in her mind she lives very close to her fatherland,Nigeria.

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