Kenyan government Finally Deports Jesus

The Kenyan government has deported “Jesus” and arrested the pastors who invited him.

Kenya’s Government arrests and deports the white man who has been going around, taking money from Kenyans to perform miracles, and secure seats for them in heaven.

The two church pastors who empower him have also been arrested. The pastors have been hosting and moving them in a motorcade around the country convincing believers that the Whitman was in fact ‘Jesus Christ’, and he had finally come back as promised to save them.

The story started when a Kenyan pastor announced that he had invited Jesus to come down to his church, and minutes later white Jesus appeared – complete with long blond hair and wearing a robe. The two pastors, one from Kenya and the other from South Africa allegedly claimed to have found Jesus and presented the man to their congregation as the son of God.

Photos of the Caucasian male whom they are calling ‘Jesus’ captured while he was speaking to a group of people in what appears to be a church, have been circulating on the internet and questions are being asked.

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