Sex Traffickers are moving out of Edo State to other States

It is no longer news that Edo and to a lesser extent Delta state have been the target of a crackdown in recent years with anti-trafficking programs funded by Britain, the European Union and other partners, but activists said this may just be pushing the problem elsewhere. Compass reporters have learnt that many of the traffickers are fleeing Edo State for new havens in nearby states.

“The trend is that traffickers who are no longer comfortable in Edo and Delta state are moving to other parts of the neighboring states, like Ondo, Kogi, Bayelsa,” said Emmanuel Daramola, who runs a charity for victims.”

Edo State is a source state for the trafficking of women and girls for forced labour and sexual exploitation in Europ. While there are no exact data, the numbers of persons trafficked to Europe, including the UK, is likely to be in the thousands, possibly more, each year. The UK NRM Page 8 of 61 reported that 5143 potential victims of modern slavery were referred in 2017 from Nigeria ,an increase from 3804 in 2016, although not all individuals referred to the NRM will ultimately be assessed to be victims of modern slavery. Women and girls are trafficked into the UK for both labour and sexual exploitation.

Some female victims of trafficking who return to Nigeria may be subject to
reprisals or re-trafficking, particularly those who have been trafficked for
sexual exploitation and have an outstanding debt to traffickers. The person’s family may also be subject to intimidation, threats and attacks. In some cases, a person’s family or community may have been complicit in the
trafficking or put pressure on them to pay any outstanding debt or provide an income, which may raise the risk of her being re-trafficked. A person may also be shunned by her family and experience societal discrimination and stigmatisation see full report here

To eradicate sex trafficking in Edo State, it is now suggested that a joint effort between the government, traditional leaders, religious institutions/NGOs and members of the public is needed in order to put an end to to the trafficking of human beings for sexual exploitation in Edo State.

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