Chimpanzee Meat Being Eaten In UK, Says Report

A poplar UK news website reports that Chimpanzee meat is being served as a delicacy at British weddings and sold as ‘bush meat’ on market stalls.

The UK telegraph reports that Dr Ben Garrod , a leading primate scientist  said he was told by customs officials that a ton of bush meat from West Africa were confiscated on a flight bound for the US.

“He said it was routinely smuggled into Europe and the UK – which could cause the spread of serious disease as the meat is unsanitary and chimpanzees are very genetically similar to humans.”

Dr Garrod told The Telegraph: “It’s rife. It’s there – it’s in all the major cities across Europe and the US.

“We have seen bush meat confiscated in the UK in check points at borders and in markets.”

Other chimp experts have also expressed their alarm at the smuggling of chimpanzee meat.

Dr Jane Goodall, who founded primate charity the Jane Goodall institute, told the paper: “The smuggling of bush meat is a very alarming issue.

“As Ben Garrod says, there is danger of disease spreading from the bush meat to humans.”

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