Nigeria Black Axe Gang Members convicted in the UK for laundering nearly £1million

Nigeria Black Axe Gang Members have been convicted in the UK for laundering nearly £1million. The family of three includes –
Okemiorukaye Nakpodia, 56 , Esther Nakpodia, 35 and Unuakpotovo Nakpodia, 46

Okemiorukaye Nakpodia, 56, of Merbury Close was found guilty of conspiracy to money launder at Woolwich Crown Court on May 8.

Esther Nakpodia, 35, of Charlton Church Lane and Unuakpotovo Nakpodia, 46, of Wellington Street both pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing.

“Esther and Unuakpotovo Nakpodia are also subject to extradition proceedings concerning advance fee frauds in Greece, to be held at Westminster Magistrates’ Court at a later date and the three will next appear at Woolwich Crown Court on May 24 for sentencing.

Philip Slough, lawyer for the CPS, said: “We were able to show the Nakpodias were talking to Augustus Bemigho-Eyeoyibo, the leader of Black Axe, based on conversations found on their devices.


“A number of incriminating text messages were found on her mobile phone seized from her upon arrest, revealing her deep involvement in the laundering of these funds.

“Unuakpotovo Nakpodia admitted opening and controlling numerous bank accounts between January 2007 and February 2015.

She received more than £700,000 of suspicious payments from between 65-70 unconnected parties in 16 different countries.

“Unuakpotovo also denied being part of a conspiracy to money launder the proceeds of crime.

“Okemiorukaye Nakpodia accepted all transactions relating to the bank accounts attributed to him – he received nearly £50,000 of direct suspicious payments from eight unconnected third parties in three different countries.

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