Religion is Destroying Blacks/Africa and Nigeria

Religion is holding blacks and Africa people Hostage. Blacks/Africa needs to wake up and realised that they have been fooled by white Jesus for Donkey years. Black people todate still believe and put all there lives on a story that was written by very smart and intelligent roman aristocrats thousands of years ago.The world is moving at a very fast rate and many people are waking up in other parts of the world. Sadly blacks/ Africans are still sleeping .

In Africa, Presidents ask for prayers to rule a nation. Governors ask for God to help them rule their people. They seek prayers from pastors, and  from people called “spiritual leaders”.Traders seek help from religious leaders to boost sales. Society relies on pastors to resolve problems.  The sick are taken to churches instead of hospitals.  It is a society of clan based thinking, lack of  critical thinking skills and application.

Religion was set up in the first place as a social construct to keep people in order and perpetual fear. It does not bring development to any country. Rather it  impoverishes people and keep them as slaves forever. This is the sole object of religion.

“Religion is based primarily and mainly upon fear. It is partly the terror of the unknown and partly the wish to feel that you have a kind of elder brother who will stand by you in all your troubles and disputes. Fear is the basis of the whole thing – fear of the mysterious, fear of defeat, fear of death. Fear is the parent of cruelty, and therefore it is no wonder if cruelty and religion have gone hand in hand. It is because fear is at the basis of those two things.” No doubt he was preaching to the converted on this occasion.
 Fear is a symptom of religion: in particular, doctrines of punishment in both this life and the next cause ignorant believers to live in fear unnecessarily. There is little doubt that this analysis has some truth on both points; perhaps it explains quite accurately the causes and effects of religious belief in a significant number of cases. But do such cases represent religion itself, or are they a distortion of it?


In  many parts of south western Nigeria there are literally  churches everywhere,  and in  a street of 30 house , you are certain of seeing 10 churches. The reasons why Africans are very religious have elaborated by Leo Igwe, and in he says..

The reasons why Africans are the most religious people in the world are not far-fetched. Africans go through religious indoctrination from cradle to grave. Africans are not allowed by family, society and the state to think, reason or live outside the religious box. In Africa religion is by force, not by choice. Religion is by compulsion and not according to one’s conscience. Africans are brought up to believe that there is NO alternative to religion, when in fact there is. So in Africa, either you are religious or you are nobody — you are not a human being, you are nothing. There is too much social and political pressure on Africans to be religious and to remain religious. The social, political and sometimes economic price of leaving religion, renouncing religion or criticizing religion is very high. Africans profess all sorts of religious crap even when they know it is all nonsense.

At home, religious indoctrination is the first form of orientation an African child receives. At a very early and impressionable age, infants are taught to recite meaningless syllables called prayers. Children are brainwashed by parents with various religious and spiritual myths. Their minds are infused with all sorts of religious dogmas. Parents ensure that children are brought up in their faith — the faith of the family and the faith of their parents. Children are taught to believe and follow, and not to question religious teachings even when there is every reason to do so.

African children are brought up to believe them and to swallow them hook, line and sinker. Not to question one’s family religion is seen as virtuous and as a mark of a good child. This religious tradition is upheld and handed down unchallenged from one generation to another in Africa.
 The religious brainwashing continues in schools. Most African colleges are religious indoctrination centers. Western missionaries and Arab jihadists brought formal education (the model widely used today) to the continent. They established schools to win converts and recruit new members, not really to educate Africans. So schools in Africa are covert churches and mosques. Education is faith based. And this religious tradition is still upheld in most schools across the continent.


A very useful video to educate Africans


Nigeria/Africa needs to completely overhaul their education system and start teaching people the skills of critical and independent thinking .With proper critical thinking skills people will begin to question religion and realised that Religion is a big scam. It is the greatest scam that has happened to mankind.

If you are  a Christian and  reading this article there is the natural instinct  to immediately reject  the simple and plain argument  laid out, but I would ask that you open your mind, put fear aside and questions many of the religious teachings , do your won proper research and you will  find out the truth yourself.

There are many studies that also suggest that the bible is full of lies- Jesus Christ never existed on this earth. Everything was fabricated. Those Characters in the bible are all false, none existed or lived on this earth. Plenty of research studies have been done on this topic. They are all in the public domain but religion forbids people from asking questions or reading such books which clearly show the scam.The Christ myth theory has circulated for nearly 200 years, going in and out of style. I have been criticized by some for paying any attention to it at all, but from my perspective there is a growing number of people who believe Jesus never existed, and thus it is something worth taking seriously.

If Jesus cannot be convincingly documented as a historical figure, then where do the New Testament narratives come from? Carrier offers a very detailed working out of the theory that instead of being a historical person, Jesus was a mythical hero analogous to Jason, Hercules, or Oedipus.

Mythical Jesus
The hero-type of a divine king was described by scholars Otto Rank and Lord Raglan who established 22 distinctive features that range from virgin birth to death atop a hill and disappearance of the body.
Jesus has 20 of the 22 features (according to the Gospel of Matthew, 14 according to the Gospel of Mark), compared to 22 for Oedipus, 19 for Dionysus, 17 for Hercules, and 14 for Jason.

No historical person provides a close match with the hero-type so the close match of Jesus with the hero-type means that he could not have been a real historical person. Despite this, each of the heroes was considered to be historical and placed in history in stories written about them.
So the theory of Jesus as a myth neatly explains how Jesus did not exist as a historical person yet was inserted into historical narratives by New Testament authors.

Implications for the Origin of Religions
In my earlier post, I described how Mormonism sprang from the fertile imagination of convicted confidence trickster Joseph Smith. In the course of time, Mormons lost many of their objectionable doctrines, including polygamy, racism, and “celestial marriage” (or church-sanctioned adultery) and grew into a respectable world religion.

I raised the possibility that some world religions begin as deliberate frauds. The Jesus myth provides an altogether different explanation for religious origins. Not all new religions are fictions invented by con men like Joseph Smith. Some are based on longstanding myths that address ancient human psychological needs for order and security.



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