Dear Femi Adesina ,Garba Shehu et al,

Although I had decided to remain quiet concerning the health of Mr President because my profession does not permit me to discuss somebody’s health in the public, when I read varying reports from you people, my spirit was stirred within me. A wise soldier, they say, knows when to run and when to fight hence a good spokesperson knows when to talk and when to remain quiet. Initially we were told that Mr President went on a vacation abroad and that Mr President would use the opportunity to keep an appointment with his doctors abroad. Later on, we heard that Mr President’s jet was undergoing maintenance hence his return might be postponed. Finally, we were told that the postponement was due to the series of medical tests Mr President was undergoing abroad. That, of course, was the last struck that broke the Carmel’s back as I could no longer condone the deceit hence this publication .What do you guys take us for, Pupils at the Kindergarten? Do you think that the economic recession your government put us into has affected our memory?

There is no doubt that Mr President can be sick or enjoy a vacation just like any other mortal but our concern is why abroad? Is he not the same president that preaches the patronisation of our locally made goods and services? In about two years of his administration, can’t he fix those things in our health sector that make people travel abroad for medical tourism? The Igbos say that ‘I bi debe nwa ogaranye ,o bughi uru o buru oghom’, meaning living close to the rich is either beneficial or disadvantageous . You will agree with me that poor Nigerians who have the same ailment as Mr President are at loss because instead of Mr President using his health challenges to order for the revamping of the ENT units in our so-called tertiary hospitals (so that all Nigerians with same ailments can benefit) he is abroad spending tax payers’ money in foreign currencies. If this his foreign trip affects the implementation of our 2017 budget, the poor masses ,of course, will pay for it as he will simply increase their costs of living through increment in the PMS pump price, electricity bills et cetera. Then you will come out to tell us to sacrifice for the country. I will advise you to keep quiet because there is no justification for Mr President’s recent travel either for a vacation or for medical tourism abroad.

Good luck Jonathan in 2011 travelled to Obudu cattle ranch in Cross River state for a similar vacation/retreat. By so doing, the money Jonathan would pay foreigners entered the coffers of Cross River state government. We are not asking him to go to Cross River state for a vacation because that is a PDP state that falls under his 5%, we are only telling him to spend his vacation in the country, preferably in any APC state that is among his 97% so that we will not be spending our money to foreigners. Jonathan put into practice what he preached, he repeatedly assured Nigerians that none of his children was schooling abroad. We now have a ‘Changing’ president who insists that the change begins with us and not with him . His economic policies destroyed our naira in the presence of other international currencies.

On the other hand, saying that Mr President travelled abroad in order to keep an appointment with his doctors, that again vindicates resident doctors who are insisting that facilities in our tertiary hospitals are in a state of squalor/decrepit. What do you know in medical practice? If our hospitals’ facilities are in good shape, what Mr President’s doctors abroad would do, after Mr President’s initial medical visit to London hospital last year, was to give him a referral letter so that our Otorrhinolaryngologists( Ear, Nose and Throat specialists) would continue his treatment locally. You just like our Nollywood directors will use your shallow knowledge of hospital practices to issue official statements to the citizenry, believing that Nigerians will accept it that way or that the medical practitioners in the country can easily be hoodwinked.

At times, I pity people who are employed to defend their President’s actions which at times may be against their will. Meanwhile, W.B. Yeats in his poem, An Irish Airman Foresees His Death, described such people who are under compulsion/oath to defend their paymaster(s) or country as;

Those that I fight I do not hate  
Those that I guard I do not love;


I know in your heart of hearts, you know that Mr President’s recent travel abroad is against what he preaches because many deaths that occur in Nigeria are preventable only if our government can provide the rightful medical equipment. Also, Lucky Philip Dube in his music, Political Games, asked you politicians the following salient questions :



How do you feel when you lie?
Straight faced while people cry
How do you feel when you promise something
That you know you’ll never do
Giving false hope to the people
Giving false hope to the underpriviledged
Do you really sleep at night?
When you know you’re living a lie
To you it is just a job
To the people it hurts to the bone



Do you really sleep at night?
When you know you’re living a lie
You talking tough, you talking sincerely
Giving false hope to the infected
Giving false hope to the affected.
To you it is just a job
To the people it hurts to the bone.


I will not end this piece without informing you to tell your master that Nigerians are dying and that majority of deaths in Nigeria are preventable. Tell him that doctors who are paid peanuts as salaries, at times contribute their money to offset the medical bills of patients. Tell him that even medical students who come for their clinical postings at times end up in contributing money to buy drugs for indigent patients. Tell him that Nigerians are no longer yearning for any change rather Nigerians have now realised that they made a big mistake in voting him into power. Tell him that Nigerians are begging him to return the prices of food commodities, hospital consumables and drugs in our market to how he met them in 2015. Nigerians are humbly and pathetically begging him to return our foreign exchange rate and the prices of PMS, Kerosene, electricity bills et cetera to how he met them in 2015. Tell him that Nigerians who never knew that the book of proverbs 24:21(My son, fear thou the lord and the king: and meddle not with them that are given to CHANGE) was meant for Nigerians and,are now aware that they made a mistake in voting for a CHANGE.

While he is waiting for his medical tests in a London hospital and spending our money abroad, inform him that the following ENT medical instruments are urgently needed in our tertiary hospitals nationwide: Endoscopy; Operating microscope; Drills; Microdebrider; Laser; Diathermy machine; Micro surgical instruments; Implants; Enabling environment such as 24 hours power supply and water; Good maintenance of existing ENT instruments. Don’t fail to inform him that old instruments that have been used for more than 30 years are still being managed in our ENT units and they are not in good shape due to poor maintenance. Also, tell him to collect a referral letter from his foreign doctors so that our distinguished ENT specialists in Nigeria can continue his management locally. Don’t forget to tell him to invite Queen Elizabeth and other world leaders to come and patronise our own Nigerian hospitals.

Dr Paul John –Port Harcourt,mazipauljohn@gmail.com,08083658038


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