Did Muhammadu Buhari Die in a London Hospital ?

Did  Muhammadu Buhari Die in a London Hospital or still Alive?

The news of the death of Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari in a London hospital ‏has been circulating on the Internet for some days now. Although, the office of the President is yet to issue an official statement on the President death, but dismissed the news as untrue,this article reflects on Buhari’s  ill health since becoming president of Nigeria in 2015.



Since becoming president Buhari has sought medical treatments outside Nigeria.  In 2015  the president wife debunked reports that her husband  was ill and in London for health reasons. When quizzed further if her husband was being hospitalized, she replied: “He’s home, well and sound. “No, he’s just come here to rest. He’s just here to have a rest, at least few days rest, before he goes back to the business.

In June 2016, Buhari travelled to London and saw an ear, nose and throat specialist after contracting an ear infection. Ear, nose and throat infection for older people are often symptoms of other illnesses.  Infection often occurs after you have developed another illness.

on the 19th Jan, 2017 President twitter account reports that he was on vacation in London.

 I’m traveling to the UK today on a short leave; part of my annual vacation. Back at work Feb 6. VP @ProfOsinbajo will act as President.

President Buhari  most recent physical  appearance is shown on his twitter account  having a chat with security operatives before departing  for vacation in London .There are suggestions  he appeared  unwell in the picture. However, this is yet to be confirmed.


Whether President Muhammadu Buhari is alive or not, there are 2 points to note. Buhari is 74yrs old(Wikipedia)and has been ill and receiving treatments in London since became president of Nigeria in 2015. The nature of his illness has never been openly revealed, but it appears to be an illness that require frequent medical attention, or perhaps a terminal illness.

It is also important to recall that In 2010,  Umaru Yar’Adua,  the then president of Nigeria died in a London hospital , and the news of his demise  was  not immediately  revealed to the public   . Prior to Umaru Yar’Adua ‘s death, he frequently accessed London hospitals for treatments. The nature of his illness was never revealed, although on November 26, 2009, Yar’Adua’s doctor, Barau Banye disclosed that Yar’Adua was suffering from “acute pericarditis”.

Wikileaks cable released by the whistle-blower website reports ,that Umaru Yar’Adua died of a deadly combination of lung cancer and the auto-immune disease, Churg Strauss Syndrome.


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