Stop This ‘Campaign Of Falsehoods Against’ Prof. Mrs. Rosemund Dienye Green-Osahogulu; Restore All Her Rights, Entitlements, and Privileges Now


“Stop This ‘Campaign Of Falsehoods Against’ Prof. Mrs. Rosemund Dienye Green-Osahogulu; Restore All Her Rights, Entitlements, and Privileges Now!!
The recent directive to have the Vice Chancellor of Ignatius Ajuru University of Education (IAUE), Rumuolumeni, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Prof. Mrs. Rosemund Dienye Green-Osahogulu proceed on compulsory indefinite leave and subsequent order asking her to vacate her official residence within one month, withdrawing her official vehicles by the Rivers state government, on grounds of an apparent personal family issue bothering on baseless and spurious allegations hyped in the media by her estranged husband, Prof. Joshua Dele Osahogulu which obviously was not thoroughly investigated, is not only condemnable, flimsy and disappointing, but also unjust, considering that the allegations were unsubstantiated and no serious provision or consideration for her to state her own side of the story.
As if that was not enough a further directive was given ordering that she should be paid as a professor and not a vice chancellor.
The hasty actions are worrisome and suspicious as all assertions made to prove her innocence has been dismissed and taken with a pinch of salt by those in authority. The order to have her vacate her official residence leaves a sour taste in our mouth and that of observers – for a woman who had single handedly re-engineered the transformation of the institution and meticulously guided it through the transition from college to a full blown university of Education.
The various actions against Prof Mrs Osahogulu which apparently was premised on ‘hear say’ accusations brought forward by her estrange husband, Prof. Joshua Dele Osahogulu is more ridiculous considering his questionable mental health condition of which has been established as unstable of serious concern.
Well if we have to lay it bear, his mental condition has been a covert which has been hitherto unheard and had strongly been censored from public knowledge. However we have it on good authority with proven documents that he has undertaken series of critical visits for treatment to a psychiatrist. We have custody of records to drive home facts that the Engenni born Rivers state professor and estranged husband of the vice chancellor is not in his best of state.
In the light of this, we can begin to reason to the effect that his recent outburst can only be made possible as a result of his state. Otherwise how do we explain why any sane husband should go public with unfounded and slandering allegations that never was, against his wife?
For the records, Professor Dele Osahogulu had similarly accused his first wife of infidelity. He sustained the accusation and torment against the woman who never ceased to proclaim her innocence until she became hypertensive and eventually died.
It is against this backdrop that we are calling on government and relevant authorities to properly investigated Prof. Dele Osahogulu and his cohorts over the abduction of our sister and mother as their sinister motive seems to be playing out.
Prof. Mrs. Rosemund Dienye Green-Osahogulu is an amiable but firm disciplinarian no matter whose ox is gored. For her there are no sacred cows when it comes to getting the job done; be it lecturers, students, staffs her husband inclusive, when statutes or regulations are breached or undermined. She has rebuffed so many attempts by the husband to get her into corrupt practices but has maintained her stance on integrity and transparency which has pitched her against the husband in several occasions.
It will be recalled that on 18th of June 2015, Prof. Rosemund Dienye Green Osahogulu was abducted by unknown gun men, and was later released. Thereafter a scandalous publication which went viral in the media credited to her estranged husband, Prof. Joshua Dele Osahogulu had insinuated that the kidnap of the Vice chancellor was faked by her and the Bursar of the institution, alleging that a huge sum of money has been withdrawn from the university coffers for her release from abductors.
This outburst in the media did not go down well with authority of the school, which perceived the publication as capable of dragging the name of the school to disrepute. Hence, management of the institution swiftly held a meeting and consequently placed Prof Joshua Dele Osahogulu on three months suspension for peddling rumours.
Apparently the suspension triggered the urge to get his pound of flesh, he occupied himself with further slandering of the Vice chancellor with damaging press releases alleging this time that the Vice Chancellor was having illicit relationship with the Bursar of the school and that they have both eloped to Canada;.
Meanwhile the Vice chancellor after her release from the hands of her abductors had travelled to Canada for treatment while the Bursar was confirmed to be in his office carrying out his legitimate duties. The succeeding weeks opened galore of press outbursts insinuating all sorts of things.
When contacted to ascertain the Professor’s wide allegations, Mr. Davis Ojima, the University’s Bursar had dismissed the allegations as unfounded and malicious.
By and large, Mr. Ojima had lamented the scenario playing out for the Vice Chancellor whom he described as a responsible personality. He also debunked claims that huge sums money belonging to the University were mobilized for the VC’s release.
The entire melodrama playing out is disappointing and raising questions unanswered. *Why should any government direct the Vice Chancellor of an institution to proceed on compulsory indefinite leave, *to vacate her official residence within one month, *have her official vehicles withdrawn and sanctioned to the effect that she should be paid as a professor and not a vice chancellor; all these regrettably with no conclusive investigation indicting her, neither is there any evidence of crime or involvement in any corrupt practices, but rather on a mere unsubstantiated ‘hear say’ from a husband in a pitiable state of proven mental imbalance.
For the unnecessary outbursts, we believe a right thinking husband should rather be grateful to the wife who has managed his situation without the knowledge of a third party, and had remained loyal to the marriage vow.
Our suspicion is that there is the likelihood that perhaps also he might have been heavily bribed or coerced into straying into this dishonorable outbursts and displaying his awful mental condition in public, or could it rather be a case of been hell bent on getting his pound of flesh against his wife for not upturning the sanctions imposed on him by management of the University?. Otherwise how do we explain this blatant disregard for decorum to engage in this public mess and ridicule against one’s own family?
Prof Rosemund Dienye Green-Osahogulu has never been and would never participate in politics. She is an excellent academician who has put in so much in the field through selfless contribution to educational reasoning and discourse in the state and beyond. Why should politicians play politics with her appointment, or engage in campaigns to smear her image. Who in government wants her out so as to replace her with a preferred individual for the job with over two years left in her tenure?.Removing her was still possible in the most proper manner, why rubbish her reputation built painstakingly over the years just because they want her out?
*Could her offense be that she is from a minority ethnic group in the state that has little or no influence in government?
*Could her crime be that she is from Ancient Grand Bonny Kingdom?
*Could it be narrowed down to her choice to remain an astute academician away from politics?
*May be it’s her stance on getting the job done in the most judicious, transparent and sincere manner?
*Perhaps it’s her resolve o rely on her indelible record of merit over incessant lobbying of government officials that is her crime?
*Or better still it’s her gender, ‘woman” in a society that takes little cognizance of the role and contribution of women?
Please somebody should tell us the offense of this rare gem, a woman of exceptional pedigree, an academician par excellence, the pride of Bonny people, the first female Vice Chancellor of Rivers state extraction who has selflessly given all to advance the cause of education for our people.
Prof. Mrs Rosemund Dienye Green-Osahogulu served 12 months as the Acting provost from 7th November 2008 to 20th October 2009. This was followed by three years as Acting Vice Chancellor from October 2009 to 7th November 2012 before she was officially pronounced substantive Vice Chancellor.
Her substantive confirmation attracted wide commendation and was consequently hailed as one well deserved for a woman that has been exceptionally distinguished, outstandingly exemplary and honorable. A very hard working individual, Prof. Green-Osahogulu is an embodiment of excellence in character and integrity, little wonder her visionary style of leadership and pioneering skills as the vice chancellor and administrator was to become an instrument that enabled the institution to achieve greater exploits.
Born in the Ancient Grand Bonny Kingdom on 4th December, 1956, Prof. Green-Osahogulu’s determination to ensure that IAUE, under her administration, becomes a world-class university was second to none and extraordinary. Under her watch there was zero tolerance and reduction of cult activities and exam malpractices, among lecturers and students alike with the installation of security gadgets and prioritizing security presence. In appreciation of her friendly disposition towards students’ academic welfare, she was, in May, last year, bestowed with a Golden Award of Excellence by the Niger Delta Students’ Union Government (NIDSUG). A year or so before this honour, she had been conferred with the prestigious fellowship of the Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM) in recognition of “her commitment to the vision of the institute, and as an educationist and administrator par excellence. In the course of her career, Prof. Green-Osahogulu, had, in conjunction with others, written a lot of research papers that helped in expanding the frontiers of knowledge in the field of education
The university under her watch was able to achieve so much in the area of ICT with staff and students training on ICT utilization skills liberalized through the intervention of Cinfores, Froke, Intel, NCC’s Digital bridge institute among others.
On assumption of office this outstanding academician cum administrator unfortunately inherited a debt of eighty three million naira (83,000,000.00), however, inspite of this apparent set back, rather than groan and lament she was able to mobilize staff and management to turn the table for the better and today the result is there for everyone to see, the school was left with a total of over N1.3 billion naira in various accounts.
During her stay in the helm she was instrumental to building strong institutional structures some of which are completed and others still developing including;
*Recognition of the University by the Nigeria Universities Commission, NUC
*Approval of the school’s academic programme
*Attaining the height of currently ranked amongst the first 270 higher institutions in Africa
*Entrenchment of staff/students discipline and character enrichment.
*Academic programme, achieving accreditation for a good number of the institutions programme.
*Positive reward for hardwork – student with 4.00 and above was decorated.
*In terms of infrastructural development, there has been a commanding rise in completed and on-going projects through intervention by the Rivers state government, Tertiary Education Trust Fund, Nigeria Communications Commissions, Federal Ministry of Education and of course from internally generated revenue under her leadership.
A closer look at projects achieved courtesy of funding from RIVERS STATE GOVERNMENT AND INTERNALLY GENERATED REVENUE within the period of 7th November 2008 to date indicate the following;
In 2008 Prof. Mrs Rosemond Green Osahogulu met a paltry 26 computer systems in the ICTC department of the school. Presently the school can boast of over 600 systems in the whole institution with the advantage of a well equipped ICTC.
In 2009 she was able to undertake the renovation of provost lodge at the main campus, fencing of the university parcel B land and building of the university gate and renovation of hostels on the 3 campuses.
In 2010 she embarked on building of two semi detached staff houses consisting of four flats, renovation of hostels, houses and classrooms, renovation and furnishing of the auditorium, construction/furnishing of the security office building.
In 2012 construction of the senate building commenced, Procurement of the University Liaison House in Abuja was actualized, renovation of Dimieri Hostel at St john’s campus, renovation of seven classroom blocks and two hostels at Ndele campus and the setting up of digital hubs at Ndele and St. John’s campuses.
In 2013 the school under her leadership was focused on interlocking part of St John’s campus road and furnishing of the PG school hall
In 2014 it was renovation of eight female hostels at St John’s campus, Construction of the New Faculty of Natural Science administrative office building and the New Faculty of Social Science administrative office building.
In 2015 the school embarked on the furnishing of the Faculties of Science and Social Sciences administrative buildings.
It is pertinent to also note that from the year 2008 to 2015 twenty five (25) cars were procured for the past three Chairmen of council, principal officers, directors and for utilities.
UDSS: She also embarked on the fencing of the school.
Renovation of staff offices, Procurement of thirty computer systems for the take off of the computer laboratory, purchase of new generator for the school, renovation and re-equipping of the science laboratory and renovation of the dining hall and dormitories.
NATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION (NCC): This very supportive body through efforts during her time had sent over three hundred desktops and laptops to the university that are of Zinox quality. Though the university have a lot of the laptops in  its ICTC stores.
TERTIARY EDUCATION TRUST FUND: Education Trust Fund, now referred to as Tertiary EducationTrust Fund projects includes those for normal intervention and special interventions. The` Prof. Mrs Rosemund Osahogulu leadership were able to put up a strong proposal, matched the internal and rigid principles required to merit such project to compel administrators of the TET fund to award project to the institution, and some of these projects includes:
2008 – Normal Intervention in the area of Maths Laboratory combined 2009/2010; construction and equipping of the physics workshop; Construction and fully furnished the Academic staff offices
In 2010 there were special interventions by the TET fund in the area of: Lecture Theatre, Science Laboratory complex for three departments –Biology, Chemistry, and Integrated Science including an automated Library. Similarly, Humanities and Home Economics buildings were built for 2011 intervention among others.
The on-going projects include Senate building, the new hostel while contracts have been awarded for the ICT buildings and others like the renovation of hostels from Federal Ministry of Education and the new ICT building from Tertiary Education Fund and all contracts followed rigid due processes, among others.
Prof. Mrs. Osahogulu has been a victim of scorn, campaign of calumny and target of desperate individuals bent on ensuring her removal, discrediting and slandering her image, to undermine her fruitful years of service to state and country but the question is why?.
This piece is to henceforth urge, columnists and other interest groups, in government and at the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education (IAUE), Rumuolumeni, Port Harcourt, Rivers State to stop disparaging the personality of the immediate past vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Mrs. Rosemund Dienye Green-Osahogulu who is on leave.
As a proactive socio-transformation group of Bonny people, we have watched with consternation the campaign of calumny, mudslinging, spurious allegations, peddled rumours and sustained attack on her person in the media and we say enough is enough!!
Note that the law does not protect individuals – even public officials – from defamation liability for providing falsehoods to the media, even when they attempt to insulate themselves by disseminating the falsehoods in whatever form.
Prof Joshua Dele Osahogulu must cease his campaign of falsehoods against our sister, she is a pride to Bonny women and the kingdom. It is imperative for him to heed to reason by publicly tendering an apology for the irreparable damage done and undertaken either by coercion, bribe or state of mind.
Government should thoroughly substantiate facts before evoking sanctions. They should as a matter of decorum clearly separate and discern between family issues and work place, they should please come up with cogent, verifiable reasons for the recent actions against her. If we say we are in democracy and not in the military style of leadership we should as a government and institution try to demonstrate that in all aspect of governance and endeavours and not administering different laws for different folks.
“Stop This ‘Campaign Of Falsehoods Against’ Prof. Mrs. Rosemund Dienye Green-Osahogulu; Restore All Her Rights, Entitlements, and Privileges Now!!
Asinyetogha Julian Benstowe                                            Barr. Micah Iwowari Jumbo
Chairman.                                                                              Secretary


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