Kenya killings and the mediocre of international media

Kenya University AttackThe killings of 150 students of Garissa university does not come to me as a surprise looking at the participation of Kenyan troops in the fight against Alshabab in Somalia. What surprises me more was the mediocre of international media companies over reports of the killings, especially the low profile the story was giving just like the Bama or the Buni Yadi massacres. These are some treble acts that the world should have condemn and show support for the families and the country affected, but unfortunately, a shady P5+1,was receiving all the attention. Unlike the Charlie Hebdo killings, the international media houses gave the  incident full publicity, 24 hours of coverage with remorse and sympathy for the affected.

The independence of international media stations can now be questioned looking critically at how they show their open biasness on international happenings. The Israel-Palestine war last year had one of the most controversial coverage in media modern history. Many 24 hours channels dedicated more than two days covering the story in order to clean up the mess the aggressor did in the war. A journalist was also fires by a UK newspaper just because of covering the war and its effects on Palestine. This is unprofessional and unacceptable. It will also be recalled that Denmark killing carried out by terrorist Brevic was given all day coverage. Why? Is there differences in value of human lives?

Media houses are agents of mass propaganda. The BBC is British in its creation. CCTV is Chinese. Press TV is for Iran and VOA for America. But still, the stations are suppose to be professional and open to important issue. Why the biasness?

We stand with Kenya’s in this issue. I call on African countries to support each other in their quest for development. I call on Nigeria’s  President-elect to bring back ministry for Africa’s integration and cooperation. The AU should be strengthened to stand as a symbol for Africa’s interest projection, promotion and defence.

Comrade Abdulbaqi Aliyu Jari

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Comrade Abdulbaqi Aliyu jari Katsina, Faculty of law, Usmanu danfodiyo university. +2348035424321

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