Charlie Habdo attack: The need for a global law against blasphemy

It was last week that about 12 people were assassinated in Paris in broad day light and the attackers went away from a satirical newspaper ‘Charlie Habdo. A popular satirical newspaper “Charlie Habdo” was attacked after ridiculing a lot of religions and religious leaders of various religions excluding Judaism. Charlie Habdo was just a local newspaper looking for publicity through blasphemy and self-destructive styles.
Just about one will after the attack, Charlie Habdo yet again try to ridicule our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAAS) in yet another condemnable cartoon that sparked a lot of anger, and of course, putting Charlie Habdo in a more dangerous situation as Charlie habdo wish to take the path of self destruction.
Free speech is often mistaken with right to blasphemy and intolerance. If one does not like any religion or its Prophet, why not he simple practice his own and do as he wish in his. The world must through the United Nation  enact anti-blasphemy law. That will go along way in preventing incident like that of the Charlie Habdo, Terry jones of US etc.
Looking critically at the amateur videos of the Charlie Habdo attack, One will surely understand that the whole thing was  staged to blackmail Islam, Muslims in France – as France houses the largest population of Muslims in Europe                    (3 million). Also, the Charlie Habdo incident was aimed to force Jews to return to Israel from Europe. Israeli government has be carrying out violent campaigns against Jews in Europe so as to force them o return to Israel since its creation in    1940s. The Israeli government also staged that drama so as to try to make things difficult for Palestine as it is gaining support in Europe; from Sweden to U K and Germany.
The hypocrisy of western countries free speech is manifest as up to today there is a law in Europe that was put to punish anybody who denies the occurrence  of holocaust against the Jews.  Why is there such a law existing? Are Jews different from other creations? This will tell you that the concept of free speech was design for blasphemous purposes not for any positive expression. Also, a Charlie Habdo staff was fired sometimes back for ridiculing Judaism. Likewsie Nafeez Ahmad that was fired from The Guardian newspaper for making a documentary against Israel.
Charlie Habdo and all other satirical newspapers from around the world must come to terms with the sacredness nature of religion and anything there associated with it -as that will go along way in ensuring the right to criticism, and also the right to religion for general peace, order , and intercontinental security.

Abdulbaqi Jari Katsina
katsina MURIC Coordinator

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Comrade Abdulbaqi Aliyu jari Katsina, Faculty of law, Usmanu danfodiyo university. +2348035424321

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