The useless children of Africa

Africa is the world’s second and populated largest continent. Africa has about 30.2 million square kilometers. It covers about 6% of the world’s total surface area, and over 20% of the land mass. With population of over 1.1 billon people as of 2013, Africa has the 15% of worlds population. Over half (50%) the population of Africa are under 19. Africa has 54 recognized countries on the continent
African countries economy is one of the fastest growing continental economy world wide. countries like Nigeria, Angola, Sudan and Equitorial Guienea has a growth of over 5% of the economy annually.Africa has been endawored with a lot of natural resources, gold in DRC, petroleum in Nigeria, angola, libya, ghana, Silver in gabon, South Africa kenya, Diamond, coal, and a very fatile land.Unfortunately, Civil war, artificial poverty, diseases, corruption, dictatorship, illeteracy, intolerance, umemployment, tribal wars,
cannibalism, death etc has now become the ” the useless fake children of Africa’. while its genunie children are suffering from the trauma of wars, cholera, eboola, poverty, and in some cases natural disasters.Among the fake children of africa, Civil war and violence, corruption, illiteracy and dictaorship are its son arranged in
their order of hierachy.civil wars and violence are twince and have killed more genuine children of Africa than any artificial and natural disasters
combine. It was unfortunate that after gaining independence from colonial powers, most African countries fall into civil war immediately a year or so after gaining independence. Some largely at maximum, a
decade after independence. that was sir abubakar Tafawa balewa feared for Africa as he said in his UN general Assembly speech. ‘ that political independence is totally inadequate if not followed by economic and social stability”. Algeria 1992, Nigeria 1967, mosambique 1976, Uganda 1978, Libya 2013, Sudan 1994, Somalia 1991, Chad 1994, Rwanda 1994, Egypt 1977, 1967, 1970, Tunisia 1952, 2002, Morocco 1963.1970, Ethopia 1961, Djbouti 1991, Burundi 2005, C.A.R 1987, Angola 1975, etc and now currently in South Sudan, Nigeria, Libya and Mali. In all those wars, over 7 million people were estimated to have perish in the cause of the conflicts..

Dictatorship is next on the rank. as most African countries returned to self rule from mid 20 century, from among its children
some got power and established themselves as king and life time rulers with many of them only living power either by death or
uprising resulting to many death and calamity. Algeria 1965-1976, Benin 1963-1975. Burkina Faso 1966-1991, Burundi 1966-1992. CAR 1981-2005. Chad 1982-1989, Comoros 1999-2002, DRC 1965-1971, Congo 1968-1979, Guinea 1979-1987, Ethopia 1974-1987, Uganda 1971-1986, Togo 1967-1979, Mali 1968-1992, Libya 1967-2011, Liberia 1980-1984, Lesotho
1986-1993 etc. those dictators have stolen over 14 trillion dollars from Africa in just 5 decades of self rule.

Illiteracy comes next on the line, unfortunately for this son, his first two brothers caused him to reverge hate and terror on the true children of Africa. literacy according to article 38 of the UN, literacy is the ability to read and write. age 15 above and above are expected to be literate. what is surprising in african literacy level is that, some of the countries with least economic potentials lead the list and many of the economic big bands are across the middle
of the list. Zimbabwe leads africa with 90% literacy level. it is the followed by Guinea, south Africa, Kenya, Namibia, Sao Tome,
Lesotho, Muritus, Congo then Libya. while Burkina faso is the least with just 21%. Benin , Niger and Chad were then following it as of 2013.
It is unfortunate that just like the true children of Africa, comprising of both males and females, the useless children of Africa
are not hamaphrodites also, they are sex of males and females. Among the eldest daughters of fake children of Africa are diseases, poverty, and unemployment. One may tend to wonder why not call them the useless children of the world? yes it is true all this problems are not only peculiar to Africa but are found else where around the world. Why it is domesticated to Africa was because of the fact that these problemsare minice to Africa for a very long time with little or no progress made at all to eradicate them over time. now some of these problems looks like they have come to stay permanently in Africa except if some thing is done to see them off the continent for its true children to enjoy their lives without suffering artificial problems.

Disease is the eldest daughter among the fake children. there are a lot of disease and out breaks that do frequently occurred in Africa. Cholera, Meningitis, Polio Mellitus, Kwashiokwor, Small fox, HIV are among the common people killer diseases in Africa. Taking HIV for example, over 15% of south African population is infected. Nigeria, Ghana, kenya are having at least over 5% of the population infected. Cholera vartually kills more people than any other disease in Africa. According to WHO, over 140000 thousand cases were reported in Africa in 2000.that accounted for about 875 of all the cases that year. in 2008 alone, there was 96 thousand cases in Zimbabwe. Also south Africa had 2276 cases in 2007. Nigeria had such experience also. In 1970, 1973, 1980 and 2010 also alot of lives were lost to the disease. There are many disease in Africa that affect the true children of africa with even anybody knowing. the likes of Ebola
virus only surfaces when some americans where infected with the deadly virus. Poverty is the second eldest daughter. It causes many children of Africa into prostitution, rituals killings, hooliganism, stealing and even immigration to Europe and else where in the world. it was estimated that over half the population of Africa lives on less than a dollar per day. with all the richness and natural resources in Africa,most of the youths that accounted for over 65% of the population are poverty striken and unemployed. Libya is the least in the
ranking of poverty in Africa. it is then followed by Tunisia, algeria, South africa and Gabon. while Niger, Mozambique are the poorest in Africa and in the world.

The true children of africa have been suffering as a result of enimity and hatred forced upon them by the useless children
of Africa. Untill all africans put hier hands together, those fake children will not leave Africa and will want to continue dominating the continent at the expense of its true children while they suffer and die young.sincere leadership, commitment, education, agriculture, patience, tolerance, self reliance remains the keys to a prosporous africa where all its children are dedicated and hard working more than Nelson Mandela and focused determined like Lee Kyaun yu and anti imperial like Gaddafi or Robert Mugabe, as the imperial powers are happy with those fake children of Africa since they undermine African development and prosperity as stated by Magret Sanger of the planned

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