Remembering flight ADC 53

ADC_Airlines_Boeing_737-200_KvWBy the end this month 29 october exactly, it will mark 8 years since the unfortunate air crash of ADC flight 53 that killed 97 people including the then Sultan of Sokoto Muhammad Macido. The plane was said to have left Abuja around 11:30pm
destined to Sokoto but never make it there.
The plane was carrying 105 including the Sultan, his son, son of former President Shagari, and other innocent souls to the
seat of the caliphate on that faithful night.
The ADC flight had air crash 10 years earlier. That was in November 1996. I pray no air crash should happened 10 years
after the last one in 2006.
According official reports, the crash was said to have been caused by pilot error. Whether it was that or something entirely different, only God knows and will surely judge between us. Some unofficial stories have it that the Sultan was nearly stopped by some of his close aides not to travel that
night back to Sokoto because of some hiden information known to them, but as Allah has destined it like that, neither the Sultan nor the aides escape their death as was written to them before their creation.
One lesson I will never forget about the death was how death will take every body by surprise. Allah has said in several chapters in that “every soul shall taste death”. The Sultan is the leader of Nigerias over 85 million Muslims, the 20 most influential Muslim leader in the world according to (Muslim was not spared by Allah The Most High. So was the prophets of Allah including their leader Muhammad (SAAS),
before his death as reported, he will use water to wipe it over his glorious face and will say ” verily death is bitter”. Think of
you self and mine, we should always ask our selves, when will death come to us? How? Where? And what is our provision to it
and the hear after.
Our leaders should pounder the most about death. Because, shall you ever steal a single naira from the federal account, then you should know that Naira, kobo is for all Nigerians irrespective of their tribal and religions, and that Allah The Most High will surely judge between all creations on the day of judgment.
The sultan was 78 when he died. He reign for 10 years. He was preceded and succeeded by his brothers. He left behind
many children, and a large brigade of relatives.
The government should try very hard to secure our transportation ways and the means of the transport. Especially the road since most people travel through that medium. Frequent boat mishap in river areas should be stopped totally. A lot of fellow compatriots are lost to this silly and unfortunate means. This are artificial and there is a need for making them safe for transportation.
May Allah forgive those that died before us, have mercy upon us, and make jannatul firdausi opur final abode. Amin.

Comrade Abdulbaqi Aliyu Jari
Faculty of law,
Usmanu Danfodiyo University,

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