I know the source of Boko Haram Funding

Hailemariam DesalegnThe prime minister of Ethiopia,Mr Hailemariam Desalegn has revealed that he knows the source of funding of the terrorist group boko haram. He made this statement during a joint conference with Nigeria’s president, Goodluck Jonathan in Abuja.He also stress the need for mutual cooperation of all member states in eradicating terrorism from Africa.He also said that

“Leaders whose countries have been worse hit should cooperate to fight insurgency because for the past 10 years, the East African region has been fighting terrorism, but we need more efforts in order to completely flush out terrorism from Africa.

“You know terrorism is not African agenda only. There have been terror attacks in Boston, United States and many parts of the globe. So, it is not something that is new to Nigeria, Ethiopia and other African countries. “It is a global phenomenon and you see that there was terror attack in Iraq recently and it is expanding. We have to see it as a global phenomenon that has to be tackled together in unison.

“It should not be left to this or that region or this or that country. We have to bear in mind the genesis of this terrorism,” he explained.

Nigeria has been under massive attacks from unidentified gunmen and suspected sect members in southern Kaduna, the country capital Abuja, the troubled Borno as well as Adamawa states.

More Boko Haram Financing News

It is very obvious that Boko Haram is well funded otherwise they would have ended their atrocities long time ago. There are certain publications around the net pointing hands to foreign organization, including saudi arabia and Qater as sponsors of Boko Haram. “The American Foreign Policy Council’s World Almanac of Islamism (last updated August 21, 2013) indicates that Boko Haram has received funding with the help of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), and from organizations in the UK and Saudi Arabiasource

Washington post reports that Boko Haram gets its funding from kidnapping  and extortion – Take for example -“Boko Haram,  was paid $3 million when it freed a French family last year. Then this week, it released an Italian priest and a Canadian nun “as part of a prisoner exchange with a fee being paid,” an anonymous source told Agence France-Presse. (Canada disputed that allegation.). source

Global Research a  highly reputable Canada based webbsi has a different information about the sponsors of boko haram. They claimed The “War on Terror” fraud serves to cover up the destabilization of Africa with a view to taking control of its resources.” “The US and French governments want to assure themselves that the new Chinese leadership will not continue its beneficial relationships with resource-rich African nations that have been a success in the past.  Therefore, the ‘War on Terror’ will create instability and will disrupt China’s economic growth.  AFRICOM mission is to create war in the name of fighting terrorism and that is what ‘US national security interests’ in Africa is really about.” source

Ibtimes reports that boko haram funding comes from  fake charities and nonprofits. Some have reported that the group receives regular payment from local leaders in northern Nigeria to protect their land.  An untraceable flow of money plus loosely guarded borders has created an ideal environment for black market trade. The porosity of Nigeria’s borders offers the group a steady flow of weapons, training, radicalization and funding.A 2012 report from the Inter-University Center for Terrorism Studies alleges that Nigerian terrorist groups are financed by drug cartels in Latin America.Lauretta Napoleoni, an Italian journalist and expert on terrorist finance, said this began to happen when the 2001 Patriot Act made it difficult to transfer drugs through the U.S. to Europe.    source

It has been argued that one of the best and proven  way to tackle terrorism is to  track and cut off their source of funding .However, with the Ethiopia prime minister making  such a bold assertion , it appears boko haram may soon be a thing of the past in Nigeria.



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