By Abayomi Ojo


The scene in Nigeria over the last few weeks can be taken to be an adaptation from a blockbuster première movie in Nollywood. Everything is just a jest.


 In fact, Nigeria is a disgrace and President Goodluck Jonathan is a big disgrace and I think he should resign with immediate effect, if he has any iota of shame in him. This country is a complete joke and a disgrace. Maybe I should be clear, I don’t believe that Nigeria is a great country and I don’t believe that we are good people in Nigeria.


Some days ago, some 200 or more girls were abducted from a secondary school in Borno State, or is it the case that they were stolen? Were they simply nobbled or kidnapped?

Why is it that Nigerians are not asking questions?

Where are these girls? What is happening to them?


Is someone raping them at will; morning, afternoon, in middle of the night; anytime, anyhow and anywhere for that matter? And if anyone of them dare to resist this assault or rape, were they being killed? How many of them are still alive?


Are they being used for rituals in some voodoo, in some juju and/or some other form of religious cultism? Why was it that only girls were kidnapped? Could it be that someone wants a lot of vagina? Or could it be that someone needs a lot of breasts, wombs or whatever? Why? Why? Why?


How were they kidnapped in the first instance? I thought there’s some form of Emergency Rule with ‘curfew’ and ‘tight security’ in Borno? So, what you are telling me is that the Boko Haram insurgents came in the middle of the night, open the schools gate and entered the girl’s dormitories, load the girls into trucks, drove through the streets of Borno and disappeared without anyone seeing anything? How amazing? How convenient?


Or are you saying that they are still in Borno? Are you sure of that? If you are not so sure, how come no one has seen them? Are they being kept in an isolated building? Are there no Nigerians close to the place where these girls are being raped or whatever? Are you sure that such place or places exists in Nigeria? Maybe they are not even in Nigeria?


The news circulating the media is that the girls had been transported out of Nigeria into Mali, Chad and Cameroon and ‘sold into marriage’ with some unknown persons at  $12, just like you would do to a piece of yam and cloth at the Market Square. How offensive!


Do we have a president in this country or just figurehead? What is the stand of the Security Council of Nigeria? Or do they even have a stand at all? Do they have a clue at all? Or could it be true that we don’t even have a Security Council?

I saw some members of some form of  ‘security council’ including Christian Association of  Nigeria’s boss, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor on the TV smiling after a ‘security meeting’ a few days ago in Abuja. Could it be that they are happy? What is the cause of their happiness? Is that not a disgrace in itself?

More Questions!


Do we have Journalists in Nigeria at all?


What are the names of these girls? Do they have parents and what are the names of their parents? Where do they live? Are they Muslims or Christians? Do they have favourite food, colour or music? Do they desire to become teachers or traders in the future? Or are they just ‘kidnapped secondary school girls’ to us?


Nonsense Journalism!


Our journalists are more interested in Nyanko and Jonathan and Confab. Nonsense!

Investigative Journalists should be plenty on the streets of Borno by now and in the suburbs, scavenging for intelligence. Or are they doing that and no one knows about it? Is that even possible?

I think our journalists do not care. It is either that or that they are simply lazy and don’t know to go about these things.


Christian Association of Nigeria threatened to release the names of these girls some days ago, O yes you got me right, threatened! Because, we are still waiting!


Why aren’t Nigerians asking questions? Why hasn’t anyone been arrested?

Is there any search going on? If any search is going on, why isn’t anyone saying anything to Nigerians? Are we that bad that we don’t care about what is happening to other people as long as they are not our daughters, friends or members of our church or mosque?

Are we humane at all in Nigeria? Honestly, I weep for Nigeria.

And as at today, I’m definitely not proud of Nigeria, at all.


Abayomi Ojo is a Clergy and a Physician.

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Eze Chucks is an experienced media practitioner. He has worked for several news organisation.He has pioneered many online news website as an editor . He holds a B.Sc Economics degree and a masters degree email:editor@compassnewspaper.com.ng

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