Boko Haram receives funding from different groups from Saudi Arabia and the UK

Boko Haram receives funding from different groups from Saudi Arabia and the UK-As usual we curate contents from  reputable sources  around the globe and ask our readers to critically analyse them. Obviously it is left for you to decide if such news are factual.

There are  speculations around the globe of the western ploy to destabilize Africa most populous nation,Nigeria . Although some of these stories may be  baseless,however, when you look at the sources where many of these articles emanates from one begin to think of the facts and intention behind these articles.

According to globalresearch news website

Boko Haram receives funding from different groups from Saudi Arabia and the UK, specifically from the Al-Muntada Trust Fund, headquartered in the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia’s Islamic World Society [8]. ..

Moreover Boko Haram has ties to two Al-Qaeda affiliated organizations namely Al QWaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), both of whicha were supported covertly by Western intelligence and NATO (during the war on Libya).

What is the hidden agenda of this diabolical covert operation directed against Nigeria?

Weaken and destabilize Nigeria as a Nation State of 160 million people, trigger sectarian divisions and then come to the rescue of Nigeria under a humanitarian military banner.


There is also a report from the same body of  how the US embassy in Nigeria is operating a base for  a wider and far reaching acts of subversion against Nigeria. They reported of  high  espionage  taking place in Nigerian government communication and  financial systems.


  1. In December 2011 an Algerian based CIA wing gave out 40 million Naira as a planned Long term partnership with Boko Haram with PLEDGE TO DO MORE.

  2. On June 29, 2009 a United States cable leaked by wikileaks showed that the CIA public predicted the onslaught of deadly terrorist attack by Boko Haram, i.e even 2 months before boko haram started terrorist actions.

  3. Disregarding advices from experts the us armed Saudi Arabia who in turned armed Libyan rebels that in turn armed Malian rebels and Boko Haram, a chain tactically predicted by the CIA.  US=>SA=>LIBYA=>BOKO HARAM.

  4. Spy files a wikileak document indicates that SS8 a surveillance company in the us was producing viruses(Trojans) that hijack individual computer and phones (iPhone,blackberry,android etc), take over the device, record its every use, movement,GPS info and even sights and sounds in the room it is in. This software was however bought by the and used as tools by the CIA in its eavesdropping games on Nigerian politicians, thus detecting corrupt practices. As good as that may sound, but whichever politician refused to hijack policies in favour of the US was made to face financial espionage or “corruption charges”.

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Another interesting article to read is that of The Destabilization of Africa and the Role of “Shadowy Islamists”. From Benghazi to Boko Haram


Seemingly out of nowhere, Boko Haram burst into the awareness of people around the world as a shadowy group of Islamists with the ability to carry out audacious attacks that paralyzed the army of the most populous country in Africa. People now want to know the group’s origins, where they came from, why they are kidnapping girls and how they became such a powerful threat. All important questions – but questions that cannot be answered by just looking at the internal politics of Nigeria, as important as those are, because Boko Haram is incomprehensible when decontextualized from the destabilization, death and destruction unleashed across Africa from the Sahel into West Africa as a result of one historic event – the vicious NATO obliteration of the state of Libya.


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Hillary’s State Department Refused to Brand Boko Haram as Terrorists Why??

At the Daily Beast, Josh Rogin reports

The State Department under Hillary Clinton fought hard against placing the al Qaeda-linked militant group Boko Haram on its official list of foreign terrorist organizations for two years. Why?

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