High Level Corruption in National Library of Nigeria-£12,000.00 for ipad

High Level Corruption in National Library of Nigeria-£12,000.00 for ipad

Reports have reached compass newspaper Nigeria of the high level  of corruption taking place  in National Library ,Nigeria. The current Director /CEO of National Library of Nigeria  Mal. H.A. Jato was not available for comments  when compass  newspaper reporters contacted him. According to our informant, projects are inflated . Please see attached the project award of over £12,000.00 for the purchase of  3 ipads and 2 cameras.

£12,000 for the purchase of 3 ipads, 2 cameras
Current Director /CEO of National Library of Nigeria Mallam. H.A. Jato













According to our informant

1) awarding contracts without tenders board approval
2) Inflated contract awards
3) Non remittance of internal generated revenue (millions of naira)
4) Non payment of staff claims/entitlement for the past 3 years
5) Frequent travels within and outside Nigeria.
6) Hardly in office
7) officials mails stay as long as 6 months on is desk
8) He comes to the office when there is a release of budgetary allocation, within 48 hours the money is spent
There is nothing to show that budgetary allocation is being used appropriately. Be sure that this is not just an allegation, your investigation would reveal worse things.

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