Nigerian Killed in Goa,Indian over ‘racial profiling’


A nigeria name not yet released has been killed in Goa,Indian over ‘racial profiling’.The Nigeria High Commission in India has expressed dismay at this ugly incidence and has called on the indian authority to investigate and report to them as soon as possible.

“We don’t like to believe anything is amiss, but incidents are happening. People are jumping to conclusions every time our nationals are involved. It is happening at random. It is disappointing,” Tokunbo Falohun, minister and spokesperson of the Nigerian high commission

He cited the Goa incident as an example. “The high commission is disturbed that no reports of drugs involving Nigerians surface before the incident. Suddenly, after the murder, it’s all drugs. Even if a man is caught with drugs, there are laws to deal with that,” Falohun said. He referred to a recent case in Noida where a Nigerian youth died but the police was yet to make any arrests.

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