Ghana’s Deputy Communications Minister Victoria Hammah sacked for £600 Claim

_70990616_victoriahammahGhana’s Deputy Communications Minister Victoria Hammah has been  sacked for making a   claim of her ambition to steal £600  before leaving politics.  Her claim which was recored on a video has been circulated all around the internet According to her

“If you have money then you can control people,”  according to BBC

Ms Hammah has not yet commented on the tape or her sacking.

The BBC’s Sammy Darko in Accra says she played a key role in President John Mahama’s election last year.

Some pundits will feel vindicated over her sacking, as they warned that she was too young and inexperienced to serve in government, our correspondent says.

In August, she said there was a lot of pressure on her to steal public money because people thought that, as a minister, she was rich.

She described such demands as “obnoxious”, reports the Ghanaweb news site.

“Corrupt politicians are the reflection of [a] corrupt society!” it quotes her as

Corruption is a growing problem is Africa nations. Accountability is low and funds are looted with impunity .  Some people fight to get into public offices, not to server the people, but to satisfy themselves and their families.


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