Tell Governor Shettima: We don’t need the Almajiri system

Tell Governor Shettima: We don’t need the Almajiri system

Gov_Kashim_Shettima01Right now, the hard work we’ve put in to get children in Borno State into school is at risk. And there’s only one reason for it: The State Government like many governments in Northern Nigeria still allow the Almajiri system to remain in existence.


They are yet to take action to end a system that has put nearly 2 million children on the path to poverty. As a result, all the efforts we’ve put in, trying to ensure that these children enroll into school have been affected by the fact that they can make a choice on the type of education to acquire.


I called Borno State Education Commissioner, Inuwa Musa Kubo the other day to tell him that Nigerians like you have worked too long and too hard to improve education in the state, and the last thing we need is for parents to keep sending their children to Almajiri locations instead of western schools.


I want to make sure that message gets through. Add your voice — remind Governor Shettima that his administration has a job to do.


Putting an end to the Almajiri system would give more meaning to our work and take Borno children out of the threshold of poverty.


Borno Government needs to hear from the people who have laboured the most to rebuild the state.


As we get closer to next week’s meeting with Governor Shettima, that might mean picking up the phone, getting the facts out to friends on social media, or creating a story in the newspapers. 1 GAME will be asking a lot of you, and I hope you’ll get involved.


Start today by telling Governor Shettima that his administration must come together to put an end to the Almajiri system.


Please copy the message below and send to –


‘Your Excellency, please take action to end the Almajiri system in Borno State. Our children must not see begging as a choice. Give them just one option – Education. Thank you’


Thank you,




Philip Obaji Jr.


1 GAME Campaign


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