Mr. Kingsley Kuku

Kingsley Kuku Under Attack By Leaders of Okoloma Ikpangi, Urhobo MEND Others

Kingsley Kuku Under Attack By Leaders of Okoloma Ikpangi, Urhobo MEND Others
…As Ikpangi Leader Demand For Weapon Return For Halting Amnesty Payment
Mr. Kingsley KukuChairman of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, and President Goodluck Jonathan’s Special Adviser on Niger Delta, Mr. Kingsley Kuku has once again come under intense tongue lashing with call for his immediate removal and extensive probe of the amnesty programme under his leadership. The recent call came from Orinaemi Hart, founder and leader of Okoloma Ikpangi a defunct vicious militant group that held sway around the territorial waters within Bonny local government area axis of Rivers state.

Keen observers argue that the consistent call for Kuku’s removal is not only rather assuming a disturbing level but a clear indictment on his choice for that office, and a wakeup call for the Presidents to investigate and do something about it.
Succeeding days have witnessed a rash of attacks from foremost Ex militants and Niger Delta freedom fighters like Mujahid Asari Dokubo, Sobomabo Jackrich (a.k.a Egberipapa), Urhobo Mend Leader, Israel Akpodoro among others who had not hidden their angst against the fraudulent operational system adopted by Mr. Kuku.
In his outburst, the founder and leader of Okoloma Ikpangi, Orinaemi Hart did not only calling for his sack and probe, but is also demanding for the return of weapons he submitted after accepting amnesty. This he said is as a result of the fact that Mr.. Kingsley Kuku and his cohorts have stopped payment of the amnesty money to him and his group for no just reason.
“ I don’t know what Kingsley Kuku mean by stopping my basic approved amnesty payment, perhaps he wants to spark up another round of violence by stashing my money into his personal coffers and denying of us of our payment.” he said.
“My story is pathetic, one hundred chances were approved for me and my Okoloma Ikpangi group, along the line Kuku and his group started asking me to give them some of my chances and I refused, telling them that one hundred was not even enough as my boys were more than that number, and obviously that was where my whole problem started. They abruptly stopped my payment even money given to leaders of each group was not given to me. I confronted them and the answer I got was he wants to be paying my boys directly. I was critical of the idea and engaged him but it made no headway because he was the one calling the shots. However, since then nothing comes into our coffers as a group, even the boys he promised to pay directly are complaining they’ve not been paid either” he said, adding that it is another avenue Kuku uses to swindle ex militants of their benefits”.
He disclosed that the amnesty chief also incites the boys under the various leaders against their leaders and help them to open more camps which have led to proliferation of camps, he identified one Kenneth West as the one Kingsley Kuku uses to incite some of the camps of the generals.
‘I wish to state categorically that with Kingsley Kuku in the helm of affairs the Amnesty programme has been, and will continue to be a sham and distance failure. My group (Okoloma Ikpangi) also accepted amnesty and was included in the amnesty programme and we have used proceeds from the programme to empower our boys and most especially families left behind by some of our deceased members through provision of school fees, welfare packages among others but this development is piling pressure on some of us and denying us of our struggle” he said..
Orinaemi Hart also claims that the pilot programme claimed to be a success by Kuku is a total sham – according to him a good number of the boys sent abroad for training as pilot under the amnesty programme were doing well until they were unceremoniously sent back home with claims that there is no money to execute the training when some of them have qualified as far as flying planes.
“You can go and investigate and ask Kingsley Kuku why these boys that were receiving training as aviation pilot in South Africa were denied the remaining part of their training and sent back home for no just cause;
Ayibanua Amachree
Oby Gift
Jerry Suobo
Federekumo Daonimia
Rita kalango
Gelegukuma Yekorogha
Kenneth Ejeffery.
“My grouse is that I need my fair share of the amnesty fund like other generals who controlled their axis and submitted their armoury. If Kingsley Kuku feels he wants to stop my money, he should then hand over the weapons I submitted to amnesty”
”The annoying thing is that in the case of speaking out against injustice meted out to your group, Kuku and his cohorts will resort to inciting your boys against you in order to divide your camp; come to think of it, Kingsley Kuku was not part of the Niger Delta struggle he is just an opportunist.
He sent them back and deliberately refused to pay their fees with no cogent reason so that the money earmarked for their training will enter his own personal coffers.
“Okoloma Ikpangi also fought in the struggle and our agitation was in three fronts; Infrastructural Development, Presidency and Resource Control, having achieved the presidency, we cannot be excluded from the programme, we don’t also want to go back to the creeks because of our brother Goodluck Jonathan hence, we are appealing for his intervention on this matter by removing the likes of Kuku and his cohorts who are constituting a bottleneck to the progress he has made so far.
Acid Egberikumo a militant head from the Warri axis alleges that Kuku has building in every major city of the world courtesy of the money he fraudulently amasses from the amnesty. According to him, nobody said Kuku should not amass wealth of his own, but doing it at the detriment of young men who should have benefitted from the amnesty programme is not only wicked, daylight robbery but a distortion of president Jonathan’s objective for the amnesty programme, he said
For the Urhobo MEND leader, Israel Akpodoro, he said Kinsley Kuku needs to be sacked to give account of the funds since his appointment. He disclosed that he is using the amnesty for is personal business and not for the ex war lords. For the monthly stipends he delays and he short pays the ex war lords giving out contracts from the office to his family, non of the phase II leaders have gone for training all he does is buying estate in south Africa, kuku wants to spoil the president Goodluck government, the office is too big for him to handle, last year we were been deceived and he told us to come to Abuja so that he could pay us our leaders allowance in which they paid phase 1, however he tricked us into believing him and when we got to Abuja he refused to pay us but rather arrested us for 3 days with over 300 hundred soldier’s beating us at the Sani Abacha barracks.
Kuku according to him has been using slots of the Niger deltans to send non Niger deltans for training leaving the ex warlords and their foot soldiers behind. Timi Alaibe was a better man and he managed the office properly, Kuku must go! I want to appeal to Mr. President and the National Assembly to properly look into the Niger delta amnesty issue so that the peace in Niger delta would not be destroyed because Kingsley Kuku is a bad element.

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