Governor Rotimi Amaechi Complains to National Human Rights Commission

Governor Rotimi Amaechi Complains to  National Human Rights Commission

Governor Rotimi AmaechiThe Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi has appeared before the National Human Rights Commission in Abuja to lay his complains against the way the police is hadnling his petition .The Executive Secretary of the commission, Prof. Gem Angwe, said the way the commission handled his petition would determine if Nigerians would have faith in it or not.The governor has written a petition against the activities of the  rivers State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Joseph Mbu. He spoke before the commission went into a closed door session, where questions were asked based on his petition.

Before going into closed door session with officials of the commission, Amaechi expressed surprise at a publication, which alleged that he has been indicted by the commission even when he has not appeared before it.

During an interview with journalist, Governor Ameachi said that that his petition was intended to draw the nation’s attention to the increasing regime of impunity, rights abuses and police brutality in the state.

According to the governor “What we are trying to do is to bring to the focus of the Nigerian nation that Rivers State is becoming a police state. We are here to submit a petition against the institution of the Nigeria Police Force. We thought it was the responsibility of the Nigeria Police to protect all Nigerians and protect the government but that has not been the case in our state. You know the Federal Government, through the President said they do not want state police and one of the reasons they advanced for not wanting state police is that the governors will abuse the institution of state police. Now, the Nigeria Police institution is being used to undermine the state government, to the extent that we can barely even hold meetings and state functions,”

“I hope we would get justice from this commission. Some said the outcome has been predetermined because of publications like this (showing the newspaper publication).

“This publication said I have been indicted even when I have not even appeared before the commission and it has yet to start interrogating us. The process of investigation should be transparent and if at the end of the day there is not justice, people might lose hope in the commission” The governor said

Governor Rotimi Amaechi Complains to  National Human Rights Commission

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