Charred Bodies are those of Terrorist in Kenya Westgate Mall Attack

A-screengrab-from-a-security-camera-as-gunmen-enter-the-Westgate-Shopping-Centre-in-Nairobi-2467891According to kenya police,the  two set  of charred bodies found at the kenya mail has been confirmed as  those of the  gunmen who  murder at least 67 people.The bodies were found under the rubble of the mall, which collapsed after the  four day siege between the kenya police and the terrorist. reporters learn that some AK-47 assault rifles used by the terrorists were lying next to them.Kenyan police  is now in the process of testing  the remains to try to ascertain the names of the gunmen. reporters learnt that one of the attackers has been identified as a Norwegian citizen of Somali descent, Hassan Abdi Dhuhulow, 23. Friends in Oslo remembered him as a fanatical Muslim who celebrated when US troops were killed in Afghanistan.

It is to be recalled that on the 21 September, 2013 gunmen from Somalia’s al-Shabab Muslim terror group attacked the mall .A video released by the security services shows the men walking in and casually opening fire on shoppers.One fanatic walks up to a badly wounded man trying to crawl away and finishes him off at close range. Around sixty-seven victims have been confirmed dead and the Red Cross still list 21 people as missing.Al-Shabab said they targeted the mall in revenge for Kenyan army operations against them in Somalia.The Kenyans still don’t know how many gunmen there were, although there could have been as few as four. It’s also not known whether any of the attackers escaped.



Charred Bodies are those of Terrorist in Kenya Westgate Mall Attack

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